$83 Or It's FREE

Drain Clearing


Drain Clearing

Video Camera Line Inspection

5-Year Limited Warranty

$83 Or It's FREE

Drain Clearing

$83 Or It’s FREE Includes:

Drain Clearing (or it’s FREE)

Experiencing a clogged drain? HL Bowman’s “$83 Or it’s FREE” service includes a drain-clearing and free camera inspection with one of our licensed drain specialists.

If we are unable to clear your drain or line using the standard method for this offer, you don’t pay! In the case of an unsuccessful drain clearing and waived $83 fee, our licensed drain expert will make any necessary recommendations for the next possible steps and will only proceed with your approval.

Video Camera Line Inspection*

The very best way to ensure your drain pipes are in great working condition is to have our HL Bowman plumbers provide you with our unique professional video camera line inspection services. We have the training and the proper equipment to thoroughly assess the condition of your pipes and offer you a solution.

Video camera line inspection provides a real-time view of the inside of your drain pipes here in Pennsylvania. The camera feeds real-time video across a monitor that you are welcome to watch alongside our professional plumbers.

We save the real-time video and send it directly to your email for your later viewing. Our camera uses state-of-the-art technology along with a sonar device on the head of the camera. This gives real-time analysis so our HL Bowman professionals can properly diagnose any problems found.

5-Year Limited Warranty**

If your sewer line clogs again in the same area we cleared within five (5) years of our original visit, you are entitled to one (1) additional visit from a drain expert to attempt to unclog it at no cost to you.



Important Details:

  • *Homeowner must be present at the time of service to review camera footage.
  • **Warranty is void if roots are present. If recommended repairs are not completed on damaged lines, or in the event non-flushable items (i.e. grease, feminine products, wipes, paper towels, toys, etc…) are found to be the reason for the stoppage.
  • Property must have approved, accessible cleanouts. If digging to access the sewer line is required, pulling and resetting toilets, and rooftop access will incur additional fees.
  • This $83 offer is only applicable to single-family residences and light commercial properties not connected to septic systems.
  • If issues are discovered during the camera inspection, our licensed HL Bowman plumbing technician will provide sewer repair or sewer replacement estimates at no additional cost to you. in the need of necessary repairs, you may be eligible for special financing offers with approved credit.
  • Customer is responsible for the service call fee.