After long a day of work some home owners go into a state of panic after discovering no air coming out of there AC ducts.


Step one – Take a close look at the thermostat.  We get a lot of calls each summer where we show up and the thermostat isn’t turned or programmed correctly.  If you are unsure on how to properly program it, just give us a call!

Step two – Check the circuit breaker.  This is located in your electric panel.  If the breaker is tripped try resetting it one time.  If it trips again give us a call!

Step three – Check your air filter.  If the air filter is dirty we highly recommending changing it before calling us!

After you follow the steps give us a call immediately day or night.  HL Bowman is here to help you!

Below is a picture of a clean filter on the left and dirty filter on the right!

Replace your dirty filter Replace your dirty filter

Bryan Enders
Don’t forget to change your air filters!


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