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Indoor air quality service.

As Americans, we spend more time indoors than ever before in our history. We need to think about our homes’ indoor air quality, or IAQ, but the truth is the majority of Pennsylvania homeowners don’t.

You may assume the air is fine as long as there are no odors. But you would be wrong. Indoor air pollution is much greater than our outdoor pollution here in Central Pennsylvania.

At HL Bowman, we know just how much of a health risk poor indoor air quality is to your wellness. That’s why we take indoor air quality very seriously and make it a priority to help you improve the indoor air you breathe.

What Are Possible Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Poor indoor air quality has shown to damage your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma. No matter if its origins are improper circulation or pollution from dust, smoke, mold, or carbon monoxide, poor air quality can be dangerous.

Additionally, if your Harrisburg home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC system contains any moisture buildup, the system could become a natural breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants—and your heating and cooling system could be spreading them throughout your home via your air ducts.

What Are Possible Symptoms and Consequences of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

If your home exhibits poor indoor air quality, you could suffer from immediate health problems such as irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, nose bleeds, dizziness, and fatigue. Often these are mistaken for such respiratory issues as a cold or allergic reaction.

Repeated periods of continual exposure to indoor pollutants can result in respiratory diseases, heart disease, and even cancer. The most proactive stance you can take to protect your family is to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

What Should You Do?

There are several indoor air quality systems our HL Bowman team can implement in your Harrisburg home to help. We only offer the highest quality as well as the most effective and efficient systems to achieve excellent indoor air quality.

Our experts are well trained on installing or replacing, repairing, and maintaining many different types of systems to help improve your home’s indoor air quality. Schedule our team for a complimentary consultation to assess which of our recommended systems will best suit your and your home’s unique needs.

For more information on any of these indoor air quality systems, talk with one of our HL Bowman specialists. We can also discuss financing for any of our systems if that is a consideration for you.

Indoor Air Quality System Installation or Replacement, Repairs, and Maintenance

At HL Bowman, our experts have up-to-date training and knowledge on all our indoor air quality systems. Our HVAC team can efficiently install or replace, repair, or maintain any system. We guarantee our quality.

Talk to us about our Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) and how becoming a member will extend the life on your system, as well as save you money in the long run.

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers attach to your forced-air HVAC system’s ductwork. As airborne contaminants pass through the air scrubber’s technology, these contaminants are transformed into oxidizers and dispersed into your home’s air, eliminating air and surface pathogens.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are installed in your HVAC unit. Air passing through the UV lamps destroys the microbes. The clean air is then circulated into your home where it is now safe for everyone.

Media Air Cleaners

These air cleaners are whole-house air cleaners that work in tandem with your home’s heating and cooling system. The media air cleaner blocks more pollutants, dust, allergens, mold spores, and debris than standard filters and brings fresher, cleaner air to your home, thereby improving your indoor air quality.

Electronic Air Cleaners

These air cleaners are also whole-house cleaners working with your Pennsylvania home’s HVAC system. They use electronically charged particles to attract particles to filter your air. Their filters need to be washed regularly instead of replaced.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Whole-house dehumidifiers attach to your HVAC system and regulate your home’s humidity level by removing excess moisture from your home’s air. Too much moisture breeds mold and mildew, damaging your home’s interior and sending dangerous spores into your home’s breathing air.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers work in the opposite manner of dehumidifiers. Like the dehumidifier, our HL Bowman experts attach these to your Harrisburg home’s HVAC system. But these systems distribute moisture into a too-dry atmosphere. A lack of moisture damages your home and can cause breathing and illness issues for you.

Air Duct Cleaning

Having our air duct professionals clean your ductwork can protect and improve your health, as well as your air ducts. Clean ducts keep your indoor air quality high and your home healthy.

Air Filters

Your heating and cooling system uses an air filter to catch dirt, dust, and particles. Your filter’s particular Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), ranging from 1 to 20, is contingent on what your HVAC system dictates. We recommend changing or cleaning your air filter, depending on its type, every three months at a minimum.

HL Bowman Will Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Schedule an at-home consultation with our HL Bowman professionals. Call us at 717-561-1206 or request service online to assess the indoor air quality in your Harrisburg, PA, home. Together we will create a plan to help you reach and maintain superior indoor air quality.

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