Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning

No problem is more common or aggravating than a clogged drain. Drains are a significant part of your Harrisburg home’s or business’s plumbing system.

At HL Bowman, we understand clogged drains are more than a nuisance—they are an emergency. Our HL Bowman plumbers can clear any slow-draining or clogged drain.

In most cases, our professional team can provide a long-term solution instead of showing up again and again to fix the same reoccurring problem. We offer video camera underground inspection and repair. No drain job is too small or large, give us a call today.

Video Camera Line Inspection

Do you have repetitive problems with slow or clogged drains?

The very best way to ensure your drain pipes are in great working condition is to have our HL Bowman’s plumbers provide you with our unique professional video camera line inspection services. We have the training and the proper equipment to thoroughly assess the condition of your pipes and offer you a solution.

Video camera line inspection provides a real-time view of the inside of your drain pipes here in Pennsylvania. The camera feeds real-time video across a monitor that you are welcome to watch alongside our professional plumbers.

We save the real-time video on a thumb drive for your later viewing. Our camera uses state-of-the-art technology along with a sonar device on the head of the camera. This gives real-time analysis so our HL Bowman pros can properly diagnose any problems found.

With the camera, our plumbers can pinpoint any cracked, broken, collapsed, root-infested pipes you have. The sonar on the head of the camera gives our second plumber the tool to locate the exact spot of the problem. This eliminates hours of unnecessary guesswork. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.

Drain Repairs

Your drain lines have to dispose of tens of thousands of gallons of water every year. When your drain lines start to give you problems, you want help fast. At HL Bowman, we offer drain repairs for residential and commercial Harrisburg properties.

We can get to your Central Pennsylvania home or business quickly, diagnose the problem, and offer a competitively priced solution. In the scenario of a drain emergency, we are available for 24/7 service. We know just how fast drain clogs can escalate to bigger problems.

When you run into a drain repair, it’s typically unexpected. You may want some help with the financial end as well. At HL Bowman, we offer financing to help with these situations. Talk to one of our friendly team members if this is a consideration for you.

Our plumbers are friendly, professional, and highly skilled at handling all different kinds of drain repair services. We are a third-generation, family-owned, and run Pennsylvania company. Our plumbers have years of experience and will be here for years to come. Our quality is guaranteed—your satisfaction means everything to us.

HL Bowman Is Your Drain Cleaning Expert

Whatever problems you may have with your drains, you can rely on HL Bowman here in Harrisburg, PA, to help you with their cleaning. Contact our team of professionals today by calling 717-561-1206 or request service online.

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