Sewer Lining

Is there an issue with your sewer line? Don’t leave your Harrisburg home at risk—schedule a sewer repair right away.

Traditionally, a sewer repair involves digging up and damaging your yard. Yet, there are other options to consider. A sewer drain lining could be the solution you need.

At HL Bowman, we are committed to offering you an array of services that will protect your health and support an ideal level of comfort at home. From providing effective heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions to handling your plumbing concerns, we do it all.

Look no further than HL Bowman. Our experts are the licensed, knowledgeable, and dependable professionals you have been searching for in Pennsylvania!

What Is Sewer Relining?

Imagine repairing damaged underground pipes without having to tear up your entire lawn—that’s exactly what pipe relining offers. Sewer lining is an alternative to digging up trenches. It involves targeting specific areas of your system that require repair.

How Does Sewer Pipe Lining Work?

The process involves inserting an epoxy pipe tubing to the inside of your pipes, where it will mold and solidify. Our HL Bowman sewer line experts use this method to seal cracks and repair pipe damage without inconveniencing you by having to dig up your lawn.

Sewer lining is done at your home’s drain cleanout, so little to no digging is needed. You can preserve your landscaping and keep your property perfectly intact.

Pipe relining is simple! The epoxy is completely safe, and your sewer drain pipes will be as good as new.

Benefits of Sewer Drain Lining

When a problem occurs with your sewer lining, turn to our HL Bowman plumbing professionals immediately. Even seemingly minor issues could be more problematic than they appear—or worsen and result in costly repairs. Just give our experts a call—we are available to assist.

A sewer drain lining offers all types of benefits, including:

  • Inexpensive pipe repair option
  • Little to no damage to your yard or landscape
  • Cleaner and safer for your health
  • Quick and simple process
  • Increased home value

Choose HL Bowman for Sewer Repairs and Solutions

There isn’t a more trustworthy plumbing company to turn to than HL Bowman. We have been providing top-tier plumbing services to Pennsylvania residents since 1946. Prioritize your health—don’t let sewer problems fester around your home. Turn to our experts when you first notice an issue instead!

When you turn to our licensed and skilled professionals, we will assess your specific situation and offer you the best possible solutions to ensure your sewer line remains in good shape for many years to come. Whether you need sewer lining repair or a complete replacement, we are here to help.

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