Gas Furnace Repairs

gas furnace repair

You have the top heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repair team in Central Pennsylvania with HL Bowman. When your gas furnace is having issues or has stopped working, our experts will quickly diagnose and repair your furnace to restore comfort to your Camp Hill home.

Since we service and install a wide variety of furnace makes and models, we will get right to work. With our level of expertise, we know precisely what needs to be done. Our team works with an extensive range of furnaces, so it’s likely we have your needed part in stock and handy, and you will not need to wait for us to order it.

You can trust we will never try to upsell you a new gas furnace when you only need a repair. We work on a non-commission basis and have no incentive for upselling. Further, our team embodies our HL Bowman core family values with everything we do. Integrity is a big part of that fabric.

We background check all our team members for your protection. HL Bowman has a firm no-drug and no-alcohol policy. The majority of our team have been with our HL Bowman family for over 20 years. This gives you a chance to develop a relationship with our service professionals.

Your satisfaction and comfort are at the top of our priority list. When your furnace has a problem, we are always here for you when you need us. Even during nights and weekends. If you have a gas furnace emergency, we are available 24/7.

Why Is My Gas Furnace Running but Is Blowing Cold Air?

When your furnace is only blowing cold air, this typically traces back to a dirty air filter. If your air filter needs changing or cleaning, your gas furnace’s airflow is diminished or even completely blocked.

Without this air blowing over your heat exchanger to keep it cool, it overheats. As a safety measure, this triggers your furnace burners to turn off to prevent overheating damage. But your blowers continue to run, so your furnace now blows cold air.

If you change or clean your air filter, and then turn your furnace off and back on, and still no heat is coming from your vents, contact our HL Bowman team. You need a professional hand to restore your heat. Something else may be going on.

Can My Thermostat Cause My Furnace to Not Work?

Absolutely. Your Harrisburg thermostat directly controls your gas furnace. If your furnace seems to be off, check your thermostat first. Be sure you have it set to the “Heat” setting. If this is not the issue, if your thermostat uses a battery, check the battery and replace it if necessary. If your thermostat is hardwired to your furnace, you need expert assistance. Give our HL Bowman team a call to help.

Why Does My Gas Furnace Keep Turning On and Off?

When your Pennsylvania turns on and off over and over again in succession, this is called short cycling. The average gas furnace cycles on and off a handful of times every hour. But if you notice your furnace turning on and then turning off in a few minutes, and repeating this cycle, this indicates something is wrong.

This could be due to a dirty air filter or a malfunctioning thermostat. Check your filter and change or clean it if it’s dirty. If your furnace continues to short cycle, move on to your thermostat.

Ensure your thermostat settings are correct and your thermostat’s placement is not too close to another heat source—the sun shining directly on your thermostat through a window, a heat vent—causing your thermostat to misinterpret your home’s temperature.

If none of these scenarios fits the bill, call our HL Bowman professionals for an assessment.

HL Bowman for All Your Gas Furnace Repairs

HL Bowman is happy to help with any issues you may be having with your gas furnace. Contact us at 717-561-1206 or request service online today here in Camp Hill, PA. Our heating and cooling team will promptly respond to restore your heat and home comfort.

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