Wells and Water Pumps

You use water every day, whether you are drinking, cleaning your dishes, taking a shower, or washing your hands. The last thing you want is a problem with your water!

When your Harrisburg home’s primary source of water is a well, you need to be sure it is installed correctly, repaired when necessary, and maintained—otherwise, you could risk compromising your health and creating unnecessary stress.

At HL Bowman, our licensed and skilled professionals can repair any issue you encounter with your water well or pump. We have helped many Pennsylvania residents and families by providing solutions for problems with their home’s well, all while keeping their health and safety in mind.

Well Installation and Replacement

Need a new well? Just leave it all to our experts—we can determine the appropriate area for your new well drilling. Our team of certified and skilled professionals pays attention to all the pertinent details and will leave you with a water system that operates smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you are looking to install or replace your well, we are here to help. It’s what we do!

Well Repair

If you suspect your water well needs repair, turn to our HL Bowman professionals. We have the tools, training, and experience to investigate the problem and offer you a solution.

Whether you are dealing with little to no water pressure, unusual water system noises, or a concerning water taste or color, we can help!

We can locate the source of the problem, repair any damage, and replace any necessary components. No matter the issue, we will work hard to restore your water well to provide you with the water you need for your basic needs and daily routines.

Well and Water Pump Emergency Services

If your water system fails or leaks, contact our HL Bowman professionals. We are here to address any well and water pump problems—we offer 24/7 emergency services and are available to help.

If you notice a water pressure surge, hear a loud noise coming from your water system, or have no water, let us take care of it for you.

You may assume an issue is minor, but it could be serious and require immediate attention—let us be the judge. Our experts can determine the severity of the problem and help you return to enjoying the comfort of your home again.

Don’t risk inconveniencing yourself or endangering your health any further. Just give our professionals a call, and we will arrive to assess and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Well Location

If you just moved into a new home, you may not know where your well is located. Even if you’ve lived in your home for a while, the last time you had your well repaired or replaced may have been so long ago that you cannot remember the location!

Either way, our HL Bowman professionals can locate your well and provide the critical services you need to ensure your water system is operating correctly.

Well Maintenance 

Scheduling a preventative maintenance visit is crucial to keep your well running properly. Our HL Bowman experts will perform an inspection and then inform you of any concerns. We will work hard to keep your well in good condition.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure means you won’t be getting water from the faucet as quickly as you normally would, leading to fewer tasks getting done. Plus, frustration.

Our HL Bowman plumbing professionals can help restore your water pressure to normal. Anything from a clog to an incorrect setting on your pressure tank could be the reason for low water pressure—let us investigate and take care of the issue for you.

Water Pumps

There are several different types of water pumps available that can help provide water to your home on demand. Our HL Bowman experts can help determine the best fit for your home.

Some of the most popular water pumps we install, replace, repair, and maintain include submersible water pumps and booster water pumps.

  • Submersible
    A submersible pump is an excellent option—it is sealed and submerged underwater. It can pump continuously and is extremely efficient. Submersible water pumps push water to the surface where it then goes through your water line to provide your home with water.
  • Booster
    A booster water pump is ideal when you’re looking for a boost! It helps improve water pressure, offering you greater reliability and efficiency. With a water well booster pump, low water pressure can be a thing of the past.

No matter what type of water pump you need for your home, our HL Bowman professionals can take care of the installation, repairs, and maintenance. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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