Gas Furnace Maintenance

gas furnace maintenance

Our expert HL Bowman team will schedule a preventative maintenance visit customized just for you and your Harrisburg home’s needs. With regular professional maintenance, you can expect an inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your furnace and its components. This helps you achieve the energy savings your efficient furnace can offer, saving you money year after year.

Professional maintenance is also a good investment. During our maintenance visits to your home, our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts can spot a needed repair before it turns into unexpected and costly trouble for you. We will head it off, keeping your life running smoothly.

To help keep your heating and cooling maintenance convenient, we offer our preventative maintenance, our Maintenance Value Plans (MVP). Let us take the responsibility to remind you when it’s time for your annual appointment. Additionally, you will enjoy your MVP membership’s benefits and discounts that can help offset costs for repairs and parts.

How Often Do I Need to Schedule Tune-Ups for My Gas Furnace?

At HL Bowman, we recommend annual tune-ups for your heating and cooling system. Scheduling a fall tune-up for your furnace will prep your furnace for the hard work ahead of it during the cold season. It will also help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency for years to come.

How Can I Keep My Furnace Running Efficiently?

Along with scheduling annual maintenance with our HL Bowman HVAC experts, always remember to regularly change or clean your air filter. We recommend a schedule of every three months, at a minimum.

If someone in your Pennsylvania home has allergies, asthma, or other chronic conditions, or if you have a pet or smoker in your home, you should change or clean your filter monthly. Regularly changing the air filter helps capture dust, dirt, and particles in the air, allowing your system to operate more efficiently.

Are HVAC Maintenance Programs Really Worth It?

Most definitely. Keeping on track for your gas furnace’s annual maintenance—inspection, cleaning, and tune-up—is an investment in your heating and cooling system. You want your system running efficiently for years to come and regular professional maintenance helps with that.

Our HL Bowman maintenance team will remind you when it’s time for maintenance so it does not slip through the cracks. With the money you save preventing unexpected repairs, as well as the discounts and other perks you receive with our MVP membership, you are in many cases ahead.

Also, most gas furnace manufacturers require regular professional maintenance to remain in compliance with their warranties. By participating in the MVP, you will ensure your warranty is safe in the event you need it.

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Routine preventative maintenance is essential to keep your gas furnace operating efficiently and consistently. Call our HL Bowman professionals here in the Harrisburg, PA, area at 717-561-1206 or request service online to schedule yours or to talk about our Maintenance Value Plans.

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