Inspect your A/C and heating ducts regularly!

Inspect your A/C and heating ducts regularly!!! As a home owner you should inspect your ductwork at least once a year.   If gaps or seams are found, seal them off immediately by using duct tape.  (Every home owner should have a roll around the house at all times!) Using duct tape as a temporary remedy is a great option.  The next time you have a HVAC technician at your home make sure you mention the duct tape so they can put the proper seal or tape on your ductwork.  Older homes tend to leak up to 25% or more of the air generated by the air conditioning unit or furnace.    We also get complaints that certain rooms in the house are not getting enough cooling or heating.  Check the ductwork before calling!  This is a simple tip to save money on your monthly heating and cooling costs!

Bryan Enders
Don’t forget to change your air filters!

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