Energy savings per SEER rating

Energy savings per SEER rating

How much energy does an HVAC system use?  At HL Bowman this is a question we get asked every single day.  Our friends at Daikin HVAC  have made a guide that’s easy to understand.

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Currently PPL and Energy star are offering rebates for air conditioning unit and heat pump units starting at 16 Seer (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio).   This also includes ductless mini split heat pump units.

Energy star is also offering a tax credit for gas furnace at 96% AFUE.

Energy savings per seer rating — Remember especially in A/C there are a lot of factors.  What is your desired temperature?  How many months a year to do run your A/C? Do you enjoy the windows open whenever you can?  Remember to factor these things into your decision when choosing the Seer rating on your new air conditioning system.


Seer rating saving

This chart shows the annual cooling cost savings per seer.  This is a really easy to understand example of how much each Seer rating will save you.


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Don’t forget to change your air filters!

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