Protect your family with Air Scrubber UV Light


Your family’s safety and health is very important to us and we would like to provide you with an option to keep your family safe while inside your home. The Air Scrubber by Aerus® utilizes 3 different technologies: ActivePure® to kill viruses, ionization to reduce dust, and ozone (optional) to eliminate odors. Please take the time to review the benefits below and feel free to call with any additional questions.



Air Scrubber by Aerus® Benefits:

Reduces Your Chance of Getting Sick. The Air Scrubber uses ActivePure® Technology which is proven to destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants. Below is a study conducted by Kansas State University that shows the average reduction of contaminants on surfaces after using ActivePure® Technology.


·  Reduces Dirt and Dust. The Air Scrubber doesn’t just treat the air, it also helps to clean the dirt and dust off the surfaces of your home, such as countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, and doorknobs.

·  Reduces Allergy and Asthma Symptoms. The Air Scrubber scrubs, purifies, and cleans the air in your home to reduce the irritating particles that worsen allergies and asthma.

·  Reduces Odors. Whether you have pet odors, cigarette odors, or the occasional burnt food odors, the Air Scrubber is equipped with ozone to reduce all of those.

·  Extends the Life of Your HVAC System. The Air Scrubber traps dirt, dust, and other natural debris before they enter the air filter, and before it can damage the coils and blower. A well protected system can save you time and money on repairs.


If you would like to learn more about the Air Scrubber by Aerus®, give us a call or head over to HL Bowman Heating and Cooling is so confident that you will love this product that we are offering a no hassle, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love the product for any reason after 30 days, we will uninstall it for you and refund your money. If you do love it, you will also have the option to defer payments for 6 months.


Air Scrubber by Aerus® Installation Pricing

Original Price: $1,350.00
Special Discount: $350.00
Total price today: $1,000.00


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