5 Heat Pump Tips

All year round, your heat pump should run efficiently in order for you to enjoy a comfortable home and reduce energy bills. Listed below are five tips to help keep your heat pump functioning at top performance in every season.

Consider components that improve performance.

These components include dual-speed compressors and variable-speed blower motors. Due to the technology changing almost daily, discuss your options with an HVAC professional.

Make sure your technician checks refrigerant levels.

In order to capture and discharge heat correctly, it is imperative that your heat pump has the factory recommended quantity of refrigerant which is specified by the manufacturer. Refrigerant lines should be inspected for leaks. All HVAC technicians should have leak finders to find the leak quickly and effectively. If the leak finders cannot pin point the leak, ask your technician about the possibility of using dye to find the leak.

Check ductwork and air handler for air flow.

Correct airflow rate is vital for maximum efficiency. Airflow can be increased by having your coil cleaned, blower cleaned, and having additional return air ducts installed.

Make sure your ductwork is in proper working condition.

When there are leaks in ductwork, conditioned air is escaping instead of coming inside your home. It can also result in the possibility of contaminated air inside your home; instead of fresh, clean air.

Your equipment and service is only as good as your provider.

Make sure your HVAC provider does not outsource the work. Also, make sure all information is included on any contract you are going to sign. In order to enjoy good performance and efficiency; choose a reputable provider who offers high-quality equipment, installation and maintenance.

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