Upgrade Your AC to Comply With Refrigerant Regulations

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Are you ready to improve the efficiency of your Harrisburg home’s air conditioning (AC) system and reduce your cooling costs each month?

Replacing your outdated air conditioner with a newer model not only supports these goals—but also helps keep you up to date with the recent refrigerant change.

Not ready to replace your entire air conditioning system? Consider retrofitting it with a newer refrigerant as an alternative! 

Don’t stress yourself over an air conditioning system upgrade or refrigerant replacement—leave all of your air conditioning and refrigerant questions, needs, and concerns to our HL Bowman professionals.

Since 1946, we have been offering homes and businesses the critical home services you need, from heating and cooling to plumbing, electrical, and more! Let your first step toward a newer AC system or refrigerant change be reaching out to our experts.

Our HL Bowman professionals can recommend and install the best make and model for your Pennsylvania home or replace your system’s outdated refrigerant for you. Call us!

What Are the New Refrigerant Regulations?

Air conditioners installed before 2010 are likely still using a refrigerant called R-22. This refrigerant is no longer permitted for newer AC equipment in the United States—production and importation of R-22 were officially banned in 2020.

Any AC system still using R-22 is likely more than a decade old. Replacing your older equipment will save you money.

The reason R-22 is no longer allowed is that it is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). These HCFCs were originally designed to be transitional substitutes, but they are now being completely phased out since they damage the Earth’s ozone layer.

The new refrigerant used for air conditioning systems is R-410A. All newer air conditioning models will use this refrigerant, which is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and does not impact the ozone layer as negatively as R-22.

R-410A does have a high global warming potential (GWP). Because of this, R-410 is being phased down throughout the next decade or so. Production will decrease by 10 percent so that by 2036, it will be down 85 percent.

Should I Replace My AC or Refrigerant With R410-A?

Even though the use of R-410A is phasing down, it is not currently banned like R-22. Our team at HL Bowman can help determine if retrofitting your AC equipment by replacing R-22 with R-410A makes sense.

If your air conditioning system is outdated or inefficient, it’s an even better idea to upgrade to a newer model with R-410A. You will remain compliant with today’s standards and help protect our environment.

Plus, the air conditioning systems that are designed today are far more energy-efficient. The most efficient systems use up to 50 percent less energy than outdated models, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Whether you are looking to upgrade or change your refrigerant, our HL Bowman experts can help. Call us to get started!

Not sure what type of refrigerant your system uses? Our professionals can identify the current refrigerant and help you determine if it is better to replace your system or refrigerant.

What Will the New Refrigerant Be Going Forward?

Starting January 1, 2023, manufacturers will begin using A2L, an EPA-approved and environmentally friendly option. While A2L refrigerants do not pose a threat to the ozone layer and have a very low global warming potential, they are mildly flammable. You can trust our trained experts to handle this refrigerant correctly so that it is safe in your home.

Each refrigerant will become safer than the previous. But there’s no need to wait for another refrigerant change to update your cooling system. Upgrade your air conditioning system today and start experiencing all the benefits a new system has to offer, like decreased cooling costs and improved efficiency.

We Are Here for All Your Air Conditioning Needs

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