My furnace or boiler won’t work: What can I do?

Furnace repair and Boiler repair help!


Here at HL Bowman Inc we try our best to give everyone the best possible customer service.


We take pride in being able to fix problems that other HVAC companies might not be able to fix.  Even with great service you might not want to call us out right away if you could fix the problem yourself.


Majority of problems require a trained technician to repair the furnace or boiler safely.  Here are a few things you can try first.


  • Reset the circuit breaker.  You can try this once.  If the furnace or boiler continually trips the breaker you should call for service right away!
  • Check the thermostat.  Make sure the thermostat isn’t set to fan only or accidentally got turned over to AC.
  • Do you have gas, oil or liquid propane.  Liquid propane and oil will need to be delivered and occasionally when it gets very cold out customers run out.
  • Check the air filter.  This should be changed regularly but check/change the filter just to be safe.
  • Call HL Bowman Inc for service.
Replace your dirty filter

Replace your dirty filter

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