Spring Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Not having your air conditioning checked regularly can cause the unit to lose up to 5% efficiency rating.


Your air conditioning unit should be tuned up once a year.  Just like your car.  You wouldn’t go all year without an oil change.

Here are some simple tips:

Remove any debris or vegetation growing around your AC unit.   All vegetation should be at least 18″ from the unit.

Change the air filter.   This is start of a lot of problems.

Keep an eye on the indoor unit.  If you see water not running through the condensate drain call a HVAC service professional immediately.

If your system runs all the time or can’t get below 75 degrees you might have a problem with the system.

If you have extremely high electric balls you might also have a problem with the system.

Clean                                                       Dirty

Replace your dirty filter

Replace your dirty filter

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