Nervous when it rains? Make sure you sump pump is working!

As a home owner you probably worry about unwanted leaks and flooding when it rains. Almost all home owners do including us!!!! Almost all  basements will experience water penetration, flooding, or recurrent leaks. Having reoccurring water in your home can lead to some nasty things like mold and mildew. Having a sump pump installed by a HL […]

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How to shop for a toilet by Delta

Each time I go to a big box store I see so many customers wondering around the plumbing isles looking at each toilet wondering which one they should buy.  We also also receive hundreds of phone calls a year asking the difference between toilets and which one is best for their individual needs.   Delta […]

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Congratulation to our team for receiving the 2014 Angies List Super Service Award!

    HL Bowman Earns Esteemed 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service   HL Bowman has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014.   “Only […]

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What NOT to put down your garbage disposal

As the holiday season approaches HL Bowman and Angies List wants to remind what NOT to put down your garbage disposal. Do: Run water when operating garbage disposal Use garbage disposal regularly to avoid rust Cut large items into small items to help your disposal Grind fruit peels to freshen up your disposal. Do Not […]

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How to be an all star plumbing Dad!

Sometimes plumbing chores are tackled by Dad who needs a little bit of help.  Delta was nice enough create a little cheat sheet.  Enjoy.   Don’t forget to change your filters! Bryan Enders

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Don’t Wait for your Boiler to Bust by Enders Insurance

Andy Enders at Enders Insurnace wrote a excellent blog about boiler preventative maintenance.  Every year when fall comes rolling along we attempt to educate our customers about the importance of preventative maintenance.   Reading this blog is a great way to educate yourself.   Keeping up with the blog/twitter  @EndersInsurance is a great way to educate yourself on […]

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How intelligent is your toilet?

Delta has released new technology called FlushIQ.   The FlushIQ toilet includes touch technology, leak detection and completely touch free.  Most defiantly worth taking a look at it.   When your toilet needs repaired, keep this technology in mind.   Bryan Enders Don’t forget to change your air filters!

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Check your thermostat!

At HL Bowman we recommend checking your thermostat regularly.   One way to test your thermostat is to place a thermometer next to your thermostat to make sure they both have the same reading.   After double checking the temperature reading, raise the thermostat’s temperature a few degrees above the current temperature to make sure […]

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Inspect your A/C and heating ducts regularly!

Inspect your A/C and heating ducts regularly!!! As a home owner you should inspect your ductwork at least once a year.   If gaps or seams are found, seal them off immediately by using duct tape.  (Every home owner should have a roll around the house at all times!) Using duct tape as a temporary remedy is a great option.  […]

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Our plumbers recommend a clean toilet bowl!

Sure, it’s nice when your toilet looks pristine and shiny, but that’s not even the number one reason it’s important to keep your toilet bowl clean. Keeping the bowl clean prevents corrosion and clogging.  This helps you prevent a problem before it occurs.  As a home owner you want to make sure your siphon jets […]

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