Plumbing Maintenance in Hershey, PA 17078

“Dylan Elliot is a personable, skilled, and effective plumber. Faced with a difficult job, he didn't give up on the first (or second, or third, etc.) try, but kept at it until he was able to maneuver a drain snake into several tricky junctions, getting the snake into the right one, and in time dislodging a peach pit that had clogged our drain in a pipe behind the wall. He had to repeatedly push the pit and clog along through at least 50 feet of pipe until it hit a larger pipe and flushed away. Had he not gotten the drain cleared, it could have meant cutting into the cabinet wall and cutting out the pipe. I appreciated his efforts, his good humor, and friendly manner. If we have other plumbing issues, I'll call H.L. Bowman again, and hope we get Dylan.”

– Louis M.