Plumbing Repair in Millersville, PA 17551

“I discussed my issue with a mnager- If I had known the price for a one hour drain cleaning would be $342.00 plus the $70.00 trip fee- I would have said now. But the tech was dealing with my wife and took full advantage of her lack of knowledge. I presented my request for a reduced charge and was told they go with flat fees regardless of time spent. If I had not called – they would have left the rip fee on the bill which the manager said should have been waived if we accepted the work.. I live ina development of 220 homes. There is a neighborhood Facebook page and social media can be very powerful in alerting the community to how folks are being taken advantage. They could have been fair and revised the invoice, but chose to not do the fair and honest thing. I guess fool me once, jokes on you- fool me twice- jokes on me. I'll be sure no one is fooled.”

– Terry S.