What to do if you have frozen pipes?

Every year we get multiple calls regarding frozen pipes.  Pipes typically will not freeze until the temperature gets below 20 degrees. The best guide we found was

through the Red Cross.  You can prevent frozen pipes by making sure they are insulated, adding extra heat, and opening up a faucet on the cold side to a small drip.

Water pipes burst because the water inside them expands is it gets close to freezing, and this causes an increase in pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure gets too high for the pipe to contain, it ruptures.  If your water pipe happens to burst turn the water off immediately and call a plumber.   As a home owner you should always know how to turn the water off in your house.  In most houses you turn the water off in your house by closing a valve near the water meter.

Frozen pipes

See the complete article here from Red Cross.




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