Water Heater Replacement in Harrisburg, PA 17112

“On Saturday I placed a call to your company concerning the relief valve on our water heater. First of all I was impressed that someone would be able to come out the same day and within hours of my call. Brandon Montufur arrived and was very professional , knowledgeable, and friendly, and was able to answer all of our questions and concerns. He replaced the valve within a short time after arriving.For that we thank you very much. In the next couple of days I noticed that there still seemed to be more water being released through the relief valve, and called your company again. On Thurs. Matt Chubb came. Again I was impressed by Matt being punctual, years of experience, and friendly. Within a minute he knew what the problem was. The expansion tank was faulty. Matt replaced the tank in a very short time. These were my first experiences with H L Bowman Co., and I can say that my wife and I are very satisfied. Both of these individuals are an asset to your company and are very much appreciated.”

– Adolph N.